Build a better mobility system
that accelerates to
move away from car ownership
and supports the
transition to people-centric cities. 


What are the benefits and requirements of the shared mobility...

What we do? .

Based on a social cooperation structure, we build the mobility
fleet network (e-bike and car subscription).

You can forget every hassle with the usual car and bike ownership (service, insurance, tax, tire swap)...

What we offer? .

You can easily participate this
social movement
as a partner
(owner and user too).

You get a better and flexible mobility service for an affordable price... you can pick up the bike or a car locally...

What are the benefits? .

As a community
we can support the transformation of our mobility system and save our environment!

Less cars, pollution and parkings, more green parks and healthier people...

What makes a livable city and why transportation is absolutely critical? 

A human-centric city is built for their citizens, based on the efficient mobility system a 15-minutes city is a new way to reshape our cities...

In rural areas shared-mobility is not available - yet.
Our social cooperative will support to build a network and provide shared mobility solutions.

2023. May-Sept

E-bike subscription



Test and ride

We schedule a 5-months trial period for the e-bikes, so you can rent and try them without any commitment.

Flexible trial.

Test different types of bikes.

Local partnership

You can find the bikes and the cars within our network (companies, restaurants, hotels, campings)

Give a better commuting options.

Provide additional solution.

All-around Luxembourg

You can cycle through the country and see from a different way, visit local restaurants and bars...

Explore your region by bike.

Support local businesses.

Build a local social cooperative to support the mobility transformation
and provide affordable shared mobility in rural areas.


On-demand rental and subscription within our network in rural areas.

Shared mobility:

you can use the ideal vehicle what you really need and we can move away from individual car ownership...

We’re a Co-op:

We define success through the lens of our Purpose, which is to transform communities by connecting people and places in a way that is affordable, convenient, inclusive and sustainable.

Social Impact:

We started out like many other co-ops looking to fulfil an unmet market need. Operating as a co-op means our members get the best value every day and a say in our business.

Smart cities: 

We’d love to see more people sharing fewer cars!  Te economic, social and sustainable benefits of reducing dependency on privately owned vehicles is considerable.

Local mobility solution



Young people

Small ev



Mobile application

- Digital rental application,
- 0-24h sevice,
- Self-service rental process,
- On-demand ebike or car rental,
- Insurance included,
- Full service package included,
- Partnership network, companies, campings, reataurants, hotels...

Mobile application

What would be the benefits for...

Citizens .

We can have an access to an ebike or car anywhere and anytime...

We can explore our region with the same application...

Government and municipalities .

Easy access to a ebike and car-sharing network: improve the public transportation system...

Better air quality and healthier citizens...

Companies .

You can provide a test and access of the ebikes or cars...

Prepare the car-pooling and reduce the individual travels...

Hotels an Campings .

Your guests can be picked up the vehicles at your business...

You can offer a new mobility service to your visitors ...

Restaurants, shops .

The citizens will ride in the region, and they will stop to eat and drink...

They will spend time and money during their visits...

We rented 2 e-bikes for a weekend and made a day-trip with my wife...
We travelled by train to Diekirch then ride to Wasserbillig.

...55km on a safe cycle lane, near the beautiful Sûre ...

If we have an affordable e-bike rental network, we can cycle more, explore our region and visit local restaurants...


We are launching our coop soon...

How to improve and extend the existing public transportation system with shared mobility services?

...and how to finance it?

Subscription and
on-demand rental

Blockchain-based investment platform

Our partners


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